Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Search Is On for Associate Director of Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is seeking a stage director dedicated to theatre education with emphasis in children’s and youth productions. Successful Candidate will have demonstrated success in live theatre direction and education, dedication to community theatre, and strong written and verbal skills.  Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is one of the country’s largest community theatres and houses a comprehensive education program, the School of Theatre Arts.  The Associate Director conducts strategic planning and implementation of the School with its Director and Registrar and directs 3-4 of the Theatre’s primary productions each season (August-June) and serves as the Producer for the Traveling Troupe (touring area schools once a week March-June) and Summer Repertory Theatre (2 productions by 14-19 year olds performed in rolling rep, late July-early August). This is a fulltime position that includes 80% of health insurance for employee and dependants, paid vacation, flexible scheduling salary range $35-45,000.  Degree in theatre, education and/or compatible field of study required, Advanced degree preferred.  E-application preferred: Cover letter, resume/vitae, and writing sample to info@william-charles.com. Position planned to start by July 1, 2015.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rapid Delivery Improv FREE Artprize performance Sat Oct 4

Join us for a laugh!
Rapid Delivery Improv FREE Artprize performance Sat Oct 4.
The show starts at 7:00 .

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Repertory Theatre Cast Post: Making New Friends

SRT (Summer Repertory Theatre) is one of the best theatre programs in the Grand Rapids area.

It isn’t just something you do for a summer and forget about. You carry these memories for the rest of your life. The friendships you make will be with you for a long time. I was a part of SRT last year and I keep contact will almost everyone I met!

After the first week of Changing Minds rehearsals, I felt close to all of the other cast members. It’s so amazing to meet people with many of the same interests as me. Everyone in the cast has such talent! When we are in rehearsals learning the music we will laugh and just have fun. Our director Scott is one of the best directors I’ve ever had. He has an image in his mind that he then brings to life. We could never put on a show like this without a great director like Scott!

Ever since I auditioned for SRT, it’s been such a journey. It helped build my confidence in singing, and now I can sing in front of a crowd without being nervous. SRT made me realize that I can do anything.

If you ever have the chance to come out and audition for SRT, take that chance because it can change your life forever!

Darby will be playing a minion in Changing Minds.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Repertory Theatre Cast Post: Working with the Choreophapher

Being a part of the Summer Repertory Theater is a wonderful learning experience. It’s truly fascinating to learn from my fellow cast members and tech team, especially when it comes to their past experiences in the arts.

One person who comes to mind right away is our choreographer, Chris Carter. One of my favorite parts of rehearsals would have to be the time we spend dancing with him. Working with Mr. Carter is a remarkable experience. He’s a very talented and humorous man, and it’s an honor to work with him every day.

On the 5th of July, the cast was excited to work with Chris once again and to celebrate his birthday. Before rehearsal began, however, we learned that one of his family members had passed away. Our hearts felt broken for our beloved dance instructor, so the cast of Dancing Princesses sent him a video of us singing “Happy Birthday.”

Chris remains in our hearts and will always be a part of our theatre family. Our prayers are with him and we can’t wait to dance again.

Michael will be playing Claus in Dancing Princesses, his first production at GRCT.

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